Thursday, August 4, 2022

#mangalagauri program arranged by meetkalakar of Urmi Mangalagauri Group...

Meetkalakar arranged first Mangalagauri program for Rachana Solat Salgaonkar 

On first Tuesday (2-Aug-2022) at 7:00 PM Urmi Mangalagaur Group performed with guests @Rachana's mangalagauri function. Phugdi, dhune, dindya, fer and so many games were performed. Rachana ji said "Ek no khupach bhari.  All of us enjoyed it to the core"

Mangalagauri group is of enthusiastic women who perform the traditional Mangalagauriche khel. This is a group of 8-10 women who present and energy-packed performance in dazzling traditional attires and ornaments. Perform the traditional Maharashtrian folk like fugadi - basfugadi , ekhatachi fugadi , fulpakharu, kamal etc , pinga, zimma , Fer , hatush pan bai , bhovar bhendi , lata bai lata, latya bai latya , Sasu suneche khel , hodi , tikhat mith masala, Ukhane etc with this group. 

This versatile group also performs for Dohalejevan (baby shower) and barse (naming ceremony). They sing traditional songs that are blessings (ashirvad) for the child and the mother. They bless for good health, intelligence and prosperity of the child and the family.

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