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Raga Bahar

Bahar (also known as Vahar) is a Hindustani classical raga. This raga is very similar (but still distinct) to raga Malhar. This raga is from the Kafi Thaat. 

Certain ragas have seasonal associations. Raag Bahar is usually rendered in the Spring season. Since it is the raga of spring, it can be considered that the raga has shringara rasa. The raag is sung at the Middle Night time. During the spring, it may be sung at any time of the day.  There are a number of film songs which use this rag; "Chham Chham Nachat Ayi Bahar" and "Sakal Bana Gagan Chalat Puravai" are two examples. However during any other season, it is a night time rag. 

Raag Bahar is a beautiful Raag that most appropriately brings out nature's beautiful blessings. Renderings with appropriate Khatkas and series of beautifully composed intricate patterns of Taans are conducive to its dynamic fleeting nature. In Raag Bahar, Madhyam is a prominent note, so one should have a Nyas on Madhyam while rendering Aalaps.

Songs in Raag Bahar

1) Thumbi Thullal (Movie -Cobra - Tamil song)

2) Chham Chham Nachat Ayi Bahar (Film - Chhaaya, Year - 1961)

3) Re Re Bahar Ayi (Film - Jai Hanumaan, Year - 1973)

4) Sakal Bana Gagan (Film - Mamta, Year - 1966)

5) Kutil Hetu tujha phasala (Marathi)

6) Vasant ki bahar aayee (Marathi)

7) Shar lagala tuza ge (Marathi)

8) Saukya purna devo tumha (Marathi)

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