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Raga Bilawal

 Bilaval had become the basic scale for North Indian music by the early part of the 19th century. Its tonal relationships are comparable to the Western music C major scale. Bilaval appears in the Ragamala as a ragini of Bhairav, but today it is the head of the Bilaval thaat. The Ragamala names Bilaval as a Putra (son) of Bhairav, but no relation between these two ragas are made today. Bilaval is a morning raga to be sung with a feeling of deep devotion and repose, often performed during the hot months.

Rag Bilawal is the most basic rag in Bilawal thaat.  Indeed, the name of the that is derived from this rag.  Interestingly enough, this rag has been declining in popularity over the years. Bilaval or Bilawal  is a raga and the basis for the eponymous thaat (musical mode) in Hindustani classical music. Raga Bilaval is named after Veraval, Gujarat. This rag is sometimes referred to as Shuddha Bilawal to distinguish it from the more popular Alhiya Bilawal.

Bilaval is one of the raags that is in the Sikh tradition from northern India, and is part of the Sikh holy scripture (Granth), the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Bilawal is considerd by most to be Sampurna - Sampurna.  However, some are of the opinion that it should be considered Shadav - Sampurna due to the weakness of its Ga in the arohana.

Hindi songs in Raga Bilawal

1) Chukar mere manko

2) Achutam Keshvam

3) Om Jai jagdish hare

4) Ichak Dana Beechak Dana

5) Meri Laadli Ri

6) Chain Se Humko Kabhi

7) Shokh Nazar Ki

8) Gham Ki Dawa To

9) Kya Hua Kya Hua

10) Ae Dil Machal Machal

11) Thehro Zara Si Der

12) Gham Ki Andheri Raat

13) Har Aas Ashq Baar Hai

14) Jao Re Jogi Tum

15 )Suno Sajna Papihon Ne

16) Wo To Chale Gaye

17) Pehle Na Samjha

Marathi songs in Raga Bilawal

1) Din gele bhajanavin sare ( Marathi) 

2) Wawaka var bara gaur ( Marathi) 

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