Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Celebrating Womanhood, Celebrating Art

Art has been the greatest form of human expression down the ages. We express our deepest emotions- anger, love, lust, aggression by art. Talented artists have spoken in the powerful language of music and composed beautiful pieces for our occasional indulgence and afterthoughts. Music has freed the souls of many from the shackles of societal norms and allowed them to seek solace and speak one language. There have been women who have contributed to art and music in their own great ways and we are unaware of it.

Art and Music have been dominated by men down the ages and women got recognised rarely. Female artists are considered incompetent without being given a fair chance to play their instrument or perform. They are judged too early and celebrated rarely.

MeetKalakar believes in recognising and celebrating Womanhood along with art and music.
I’d like to quote Diana Mariechild here, “A woman is a full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  Gradually the notes, the tunes, the beats, the strokes of the brush, the grace in a woman’s movement is being identified and appreciated by audiences all across the globe.
Many such expressive and talented artists associated with MeetKalakar have reached out to audiences and broken barriers of prejudice and dogma associated with art.

MeetKalakar proudly celebrates Pandita Uma Dogra’s Kathak performances. She has been known to enthral audiences pan India and abroad for more than three decades now. Uma translates music for her audience and weaves magic with her grace. Her movement throws around her own distinguished style and authenticity. She has won many titles and honours including Sangeet Natak Academy Award from President Sh.Pranab Mukherjee himself. 

In the field of Western dance forms, a name that has made its way to many Ballet connoisseurs is Yana Lewis. Yana Lewis is the only certified ISTD, UK, Ballet teacher in India, a passionate choreographer, advanced Iyengar Yoga Practitioner with over 35 years in ballet. She has been a dedicated and disciplined teacher, working relentlessly to bring out the best in her students. Through her workshops she reaches out to hundreds of children and irrespective of their financial background brings to them the joy of Ballet and they use it as a powerful medium of self-expression.
It is said that anytime women come together they spin magic. Whether they sit down to make a quilt, cook a meal, plan a party, compose music, dance to beats the experience is magical and so is the outcome. A renowned magician Kruti Parekh bears testimony to this. Kruti is India's First Test-Tube Baby by Birth, an I.T Engineer by Education, World's Youngest Artistic Illusionist & India's Young Mind Genius. She is the only magician who has a course running at the Mumbai University on MAGIC. She recently became the Youngest Special Executive Officer for (Govt. of Maharashtra). 

The list doesn’t end and neither does our appreciation for these wonderful artists. Whatever be the form of art or expression, women have always broken barriers, created benchmarks, won admiration and envy alike. This is a call to the graceful woman inside you, waiting to break the spell, inspire and get inspired, to leave audiences in awe and to bow to a thunderous applause with grace. 

Ekta Mourya

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