Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Music, Colours and all that Jazz!

The human mind is an amazing specimen of architectural and engineering genius. When trained and set to work, it builds monuments and sends missions to outer space! At the same time, a bird’s song, a piece of instrumental music, sets the mind free.

 Music breaks the barriers that we impose on ourselves and opens a wide arena of imagination. It harbors creativity. It is labelled as the ultimate form of self-expression. Artists across the globe have been creating music, stealing hearts and changing lives. But there’s much more to it. Music has the power to influence the mind. It has the power to dictate a change and welcome the unknown.
Today as we celebrate the Festival of Colours, MeetKalakar celebrates the spirit of Music, and the colour it adds to the canvas of our lives.

We all began our journey as a little being, in one of the most secure places ever! Our mother’s wombs. The colour red, her blood pumped life into us and gave us the energy to sustain, the first piece of music presented to us, was the sound of our mother’s heartbeat. It is a constant assurance and the sound that is tied to our lives. As we enter our formative years, primary colours are filling our lives, the blue of the skies, the yellow of the sunflower, the red of the rising sun. Rhymes and Poetry are music to us. The colours now mature to numerous shades, our moods are changing, and music is changing too. Mother’s lullaby is replaced with a pop song, a jingle from the TV commercial, the beat of drums in your school band, the Alma matter song. Music keeps you company through all the peer pressure, the bullying, the heart aches, the love, the celebrations and the tears. The journey speeds up, music changes rapidly and only selected genres make it to our ipods. As adults, every time our Mondays are blue, we switch to music and feed our souls.

Your moods dictate the song on which you click play, and then everything changes. The notes fill up voids, music heals you, bleeds love and holds on to every bit of you. Music motivates people, be it the inspiration to take you through a cardio workout or the stress buster you need before exams, after a board meeting, after a serious confrontation. There’s a tune for every mood. Colours have the potential to brighten your day and help you to a new perspective.

The relationship between music and colours has been scientifically proven. Colours in a wide spectrum correspond to moods. They are an indicator of the state of mind, and music is therapy. Music brings people together, across borders, cultures and ideologies. It connects the dots and fills the blanks. Music and Colours have been the two wheels in the carriage of creativity and novelty. It may move you to stir a revolution; it may bring you to your knees in awe. It has the same effect on every individual, irrespective of the colour of their skin, their nationality or political views.
Brushes on a landscape and the notes from an instrument, they have the capacity to make you laugh or cry, or both at once and make you feel your hair stand up.

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